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a. The World Barber Championship is organized by Agência de Publicidade e Propaganda
2R company (Agência Caras&Cores), producer of TV programs (reality shows) and
b. The goal of the prize is to disclose and promote professionals of barbershops’ field who
still do not have an international career.
c. Its function is to find out great professionals of barbershops, with entries available to any
barber with a minimum of two years of profession, above 18 years old, of any nation, and
that accepts to represent the head country of the selection where he/she participates.
d. The prize for the first place in the national audition of each country is a round trip flight
ticket to participate in the finals of World Barber Championship, in Lisbon, Portugal, with
rights to accommodation and food (without companion); second and third places will be
awarded with kits of sponsors. If the contestant does not attend to the finals in Portugal,
save force majeure (earthquakes, war, death), he/she must return values given for flight
ticket and hosting to the event’s organization.
e. The themes of tests of national audition of each country will be free haircut (25 minutes)
and beard (20 minutes). Time can be altered according to jury’s requests of each country.
It is mandatory that the contestant attends to the audition place with a model on the day of
the test.
f. Hair dye or any kind of pigmentation are not allowed during the execution of the tests. If
used, the contestant will be disqualified.
g. Contestant must present a copy of passport to execute the test on the day of the
1.1. An invitation will be sent for a Benchmark Barber who shall fulfill requirements listed
below, if a minimum of 50 applicants are not registered, as demanded per country for a
national audition. This second way of selection will be performed with basis on research of
barbershops of the respective country, act that will determine the Benchmark Barber who
will present that nation on 08.04.2019, in Lisbon, Portugal. The Benchmark Barber
acknowledges that he/she shall go to World Final by own expenses: flight ticket (round

trip), accommodation, food, transportation, passport and visa (if required by the country
where the final will take place).
1.2. Requirements to be invited: be a barber with a minimum of two years of profession,
above 18 years, have a valid passport, person of any nation, and that accepts to represent
the country where he/she participates of the audition.
1.3. Contestants can apply for event on website www.wbc01.com. In Brazil, selection will
be per region, from March 4 th to April 7 th , with finals on April 14 th , in São Paulo, among
states’ champions.
In other countries, selections’ schedule is to be followed as dates below:
Argentina – 06.23.2019;
Portugal – 06.30.2019 (Porto selection), 07.07 (Lisbon selection), 07.14 (Algarve
selection), and national finals will be on 07.21, in Lisbon, at Barbearia do Celso;
Japan – 07.03.2019;
Peru – 07.07.2019;
Colombia – 07.09.2019;
USA – 07.21.2019;
France – 07.21.2019;
Spain – 07.23.2019;
Italy – 07.25.2019.
Finals among champions of each country will be on 08.04.2019, in Lisbon, Portugal.
Entries term will end seven days before selections of each country.
1.4. In states’ auditions in Brazil, and national’s in other countries, contestants must bring
one or two models, if he/she judges necessary, being contestants and model(s)
responsible for costs of transportation (flight, by sea or land), food, and accommodation, if
1.5. In final audition in Brazil and finals in Portugal, the Event Organizer will be responsible
for providing models for the contestants, which will be distributed by sweepstake. If a
contestant does not accept sweepstake system for distribution of models, he/she will not
participate of the event.
1.6. Event Organizer is not responsible for any kind of unforeseen events or accidents
involving contestants during transportation to national auditions of countries, as well as
concerning finals in Lisbon, Portugal.
1.7. Entries must be completely fulfilled online in “Sign up” on the website
www.wbc01.com, where the following information must be included:
Full name and nickname of the applicant, address, e-mail address, telephone
number, ID number.
1.8. Participation in World Barber Championship is subject to previous payment of an entry
fee, online by PayPal on the website www.wbc01.com, and acceptance without reserves of
the present Regulation.

1.9. Applicants of each edition of World Barber Championship have to pay an entry fee of
U$ 100 (hundred dollars), which shall be converted according to currency and foreign
currency of each country.
1.10. After payment of the entry fee, the applicant will receive an e-mail confirming
conclusion of application and participation in the event.
1.11. Right of entry is acquired in every case, save exceptional circumstances in articles 4
and 6 of the present Regulation.
1.12. Application will only be accepted if requirements for entry are fulfilled, and if supplied
with information and documents requested.
1.13. Applicants may update and complete their information online as many times as
considered needed until the final term for presentation of applications.
1.14. In order to get application concluded, payment of entry fee must be done until limit
date foreseen considering the schedule of each country (article 1.3).
1.15. Any additional information provided by applicants after limit date for presentation of
applications will not be considered.
1.16. If an applicant provides false information or pay entry fee through fraudulent means,
he/she are never going to be able to apply for the World Barber Championship again.
2.1. Judges will be assigned by Event Organizer.
2.2. Judges must be professionals of beauty and barbers.
2.3. Every judge gives to each of contestants a grade corresponding to a number of points
from 1 to 10 (Cut – Trim; Posture of model and of the professional; Development and
Technique; Hairstyle; Harmony of lower part with upper; Symmetry of face with hair –
Picture/Beard). The sum of final points will determine the champion of each country.
2.4. Judges can grade a determinate category only once.
2.5. Grades cannot be argued by contestants.
2.6. The champion will be the contestant with highest score.
2.7. In case of tie, a vote will be conducted only concerning the title of champion until a
winner is decided.
2.8. The world champion of the World Barber Championship, in Lisbon, Portugal, will
receive, in addition to the champion belt, a prize of R$ 50.000,00 (fifty thousand reais), to
be paid until 90 days from announcement of the champion of the World Barber
Championship, by account transfer, by postal means or a financial institution indicated by
the winner.

3.1. Applicants of World Barber Championship concede to Event Organizer the rights to
use, freely and for unlimited time, data included in their applications for promotional
effects, in every media, including electronics (press communication, websites, social
media etc.).
4.1. Event Organizer reserves the right to postpone or cancel World Barber Championship
in case circumstances demand, for example, if applications do not reach a minimum of 50
participants per country.
4.2. In case of exceptional cancellation after a force majeure event, as determined in
article 6, entry fee will be completely reimbursed to applicants.
5.1. Applicants expressly accept that their personal data are processed by computing by
Event Organizer under Brazilian law concerning personal data protection, as law in force
(henceforth referred as Law 13.709 of August 14, 2018).
5.2. Upon signing up form for application, applicants have to expressly agree with
computing processing of their data.
5.3. As in Law 13.709/2018, applicants can utilize right to access, oppose and amend data
about them in “Sign in” field until limit date for entries.
6.1. Parties will not be responsible for not complying with obligations in case of force
majeure event (death, earthquake, war), herein determined such as an unpredictable and
inevitable event beyond control of parties.
7.1. Present Regulation is subject to Brazilian laws. Every litigation between Event
Organizer and applicants will be submitted to legal authorities of São Paulo’s District
7.2. Present Regulation was written in Portuguese (Brazil) and translated to other
languages. In case of divergence concerning original and translated version, original
version in Portuguese (Brazil) will prevail.
8.1. Applicant declares that read and expressly accepted the present Regulation without

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